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New multi - functional industrial cement concrete mixer machine price Mobile concrete mixing plant, is a combination of concrete truck and concrete mixing plant functions as one of the equipment, machine concrete loading, metering, mixing, out in one, and can achieve the concrete transport and concrete construction site concrete Mixing equipment. The equipment greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the production time and cost. China has a vast territory, a large number of concrete construction projects, automatic loading mobile concrete mixer has a simple and efficient many features, with strong market potential. The car in the bicycle work per cubic meter directly cost savings of 100 yuan, while saving labor 4-5 people. Characterized by low investment, low cost, less labor, high efficiency. The car is simple and efficient and unique in all aspects of its operations: Loading: Based on the unique hinge hydraulic shovel, it is easy and accurate to load the ingredients. The built-in blades of the bucket can automatically cut open the cement bag to avoid the waste of raw materials. All ingredients can be smoothly and quickly into the mixing cylinder from the bucket. Stirring: Aggregate and cement into the mixing cylinder can be perfectly mixed by the automatic pressurized water flow in the two tanks. The unique double snail ensures the quality of the mixing and the quality of the concrete (which can be equipped with an electronic weighing system) Shipping: four-wheel drive hydraulic drive and good configuration, suitable for transport within any site. So that it can crawl at 30% slope in full load. Discharge: The operator uses the operating lever, through the 270 ° rotary mixer, can be in the vehicle around the four directions, more than 2m height of the dumping of concrete. Operation: Equipped with a fully equipped cab, simple operation design, with the ergonomic design of the operating lever, the driver through a handle can control all the major operations. Safety: equipped with anti-roll - anti-falling object protection system, so that equipment in the harsh construction environment and road driving conditions, for the driver to improve the comprehensive security. Features& Advantages Mobile concrete mixing station feature combines self-loading, weighing, mixing and discharging. It can maxinmiza and improce the job efficiency and reduce the production cost and time. High Efficiency Capacity: 14cubic meters (18.31 cubic yards)/hour 110 cubic meters (143.87 cubic years)/day 33000 cubic meters (43,162.44 cubic years)/years Labor-saving 4 wheels drive, 4 wheel steering Accurate Electric Weighing System The mixing unit is slewing hydraulically though 270 for high discharge over 1.8m to the four side of the vehicle Loading, Weighing, Pumping, Mixing, Delivering, DischargingMobile Concrete Mixing Plant price website:

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