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low price through Type Shot Blasting Machines Avatar
low price through Type Shot Blasting Machines
Created by wajeon on Apr, 23 2020 with 1 Members

Wuxi think-machinery co.,ltd (yurong machinery manufacture co.,ltd)specializes in design, production and sale of high quality various surface treatment equipment including shot blasting machines(wire mesh belt shot blasting machines, roller conveyor shot blast machine, tumble shot blasting machine, hanger type shot blasting machine , rotary table machines etc.) .cleaning machines, grinding machines, various non-standard series, auxiliary materials (such as steel shots, abrasives, and grinding liquid) and accessories. Its products are widely applied to the industries of metallurgy, casting, forging, aviation, shipping, ordnance, electronics, heat treatment, bearings, clocks, powder metallurgy, textile machinery, auto parts, motorbike parts, hardware tools, machining, etc. Wuxi think-machinery co.,ltd actively learns from German and Italian advanced technologies and philosophies and offers customers rapid and timely pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales quality service from all aspects. low price through Type Shot Blasting Machines website: website2:

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wholesale wind lounger
Created by wajeon on Apr, 23 2020 with 1 Members

Our History "We are a young, enthusiastic start-up team from China and about to deliver you the ultimate fun and useful lifestyle-innovation of the season! It has been developed in order to create the right product to perfectly relax anywhere:Yirabbit® brings you not only air sofa relaxation of life!" Our team consists of highly educated experts from different fields to guarantee highest quality standards in our products by creating a symbiosis of material,technology,functionality and design.We are producing environmentally and ecologically friendly which includes the choice of material and production. Our network of partner companies around the globe gives us the possibility to sell worldwide. Please check out our videos online at our Facebook Page or Instagram for more up to date information and send us photos of your air sofa to get featured online. Our Factory Our Product Lazybag 、sleepingbag、hammock、tent Product Application Outdoor Camping Beach Our Certificate Production Market Our service With over 20 years experience specilizing in outdoor camping products, make Santing as a leading sleeping bag and laybag manufacturer in China. • Long term and big orders from customers, make Santing balance production well even in low season. Factory runs well and stably which helps to attract skilled workers to ensure better quality and high production capability. • Well processing organization and Keeping on upgrading equipment to accecerlate the production capability and ensure stable quality. • Dedicated Sales teams to be of customers service.wholesale wind lounger website:

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buy Sand Dredging Equipment
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Our History The Prequel ● The first story In 1980s, Shijiazhuang pump works had introduced the advanced slurry pump technology, which has been the base of the R&D institute of slurry pump. ● Market development In 1990s, the new slurry pumps technology spread all over the country in the main industries, such as mining, metallurgy, chemistry, power plant and dredging. ● New pump design for power plant In 1996, the pump series EZ had been designed and manufactured, which was used for the light abrasive medium in power plant and tailings transportation. ● New pump design for mining industry In 1997, the pump series EZG had been designed and produced for the delivery of abrasive slurry in high head application. ● Service position In 1998, we built a branch company specialized for application service in the domestic market, which helps our clients to get the fast and professional directions and maintenance services. ● Service in China In September 2004, we established 7 service centers covering 5 mining area in China. International Steps ● The first step In April 2005, we started to enter the international market with the first order in Hungary from Europe. ● Team building In August 2006, we formed the first international team for the service of international market. ● Market Strategy confirmation In May 2007, we got more and more confidence and support from market feedback. These also helped us build the basic international market strategy. ● Team development In March, 2008, we established Beijing office for international business on 10th, Mar. Here we gathered the talented team worker and new concept for the overseas market. ● Market feedback In June 2008, we were invited to visit our clients in Europe to know more about the market request and we offered service at site. Excellence’s service was acknowledged by local users. ● Exhibition marketing tactics In November 2008, we joined the China International Mining Exhibition in Beijing to show our products and services. ● Global market Till December 2008, we had offered our products and service to USA, Canada, Chile, Tunis, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Israel, Indonesia and Philippines. ● New material research In October 2009, we had invested to study the non-metal material for anti-abrasion with China Oil University and Kunming Science and Technology University and get the extreme distribution of the mixture of polymer and Silicon Carbon from lots of tests. ● Service localization In 2009, with the local service requests of clients, we had established the business agent relationship with the clients from 15 countries. ● New structure design In January 2010, we got the first request of the new pump design based on the fixed technical parameters in overseas market. ● Research and study In June 2010, we had signed a contract with Tsinghua University for mutual research and study of the new slurry pump generation. ● International project In November 2010, we got the project Sungun Molybedinum Plant for Cu-Mo minerals processing. ● Technology innovation In May 2011, we finished the first batch of design for the new hydraulic model and pump structure. ● International cooperation In December 2011, we had built the cooperation with the agents from 37 countries in 6 Continents. ● Technology progress In March 2012, we reached the agreement with Jiangsu University for the improvement of pump hydraulic design and structure. ● Business Internationalization In 2012, we joined 8 mining equipment exhibitions, finished 17 international projects and visited 31 main end users in 9 countries. New Journey ● Market position In April 2013, we confirmed that Excellence service the clients who need professional solutions of the slurry pump applications. ●Cooperation & mutual benefits In July 2013, we worked with the mining engineering company at home and abroad for EPC and EPCM projects. To be Continued Our Factory Professional Slurry Pump Solutions for you ! Excellence technicians would get the exact technical data for pump selection according to the original parameters of the equipments, pipes, slurry properties. Excellence has various pump models and materials of wet parts available covering various site working conditions. Our engineer would select the most suitable pump in light of efficiency, life, installation, maintenance, etc. Excellence has established institution to provide package services for slurry transporting projects including mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, coal washery, power plant, dredging, building material and so on. Excellence would guide installation at site and train workers for maintenance. With 37 distributors and agent in over 60 countries over the world, our local agent could assist you in the first time if anything urgent. Product Application Mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, coal washery, power plant, dredging Our Certificate Production Market ● Coal Washery Project Application:Tailing pump Pump Configuration:EVHM-4RV, EGM-6S Time:2010 ● Project Description With about 57.5 billion tons of coal reserve (industrial economic reserves of 39.7 billion tons), Australia's coal production and export are sixth in the world, following the United States, Russia, China, India and South Africa. And its coal is of high quality with high calorific value, low sulfur, nitrogen content and low ash. Parameter: 1. Vertical pump Flow: 100l/s Head: 55m 2. Horizontal pump Flow: 150l/s Head: 75m Solution Excellence engineer has provided the several pump models most suitable for the application according to site working conditions. Pump model: Vertical pump: EVHM-4RV (The packing seal was added and the submersible length was 1.2m.) Horizontal pump: EGM-6S After-Service The customer is very satisfied with the solution, and gives us positive feedback. They have sent us the site picture as reference. The pumps have been smoothly running for 3 years. Coal Washing Project Application:Coal Washing Pump Configuration:The Whole Project Time:2012 Project Description Q: 450m³/hH: 30m Q: 216³/hH: 40m Q: 108m³/hH: 40m Solution Excellence has provided three varied pump models according to customer's demand. Pump model: EHM-6R, EHM-4D, EHM-3C Service Pre-sales: Our management team and engineers have been to the coal washing plant for on-site training and maintenance. After-sales: Excellence engineer went to the coal washing site to help eliminate water leakage problem. After careful examination, he successfully discovered that the seal water pressure was not enough. The leakage is solved by increasing the seal water pressure and amount. Copper Concentration Project Application:The Whole Project Pump Configuration:EHM-4X,65EZL-30,80EZL-36,50EZ-A33,EHR-4X, Time:2012 Project Description Copper is mainly distributed in central Africa, especially in Zambia. Zambia is nicknamed as “the kingdom of copper”, accounting for around 6% of world’s detected copper reserves. Large in reserve, the copper ores in Zambia is also of high grade, and it is the fourth largest copper producer and the copper mining has boosted local economic for a long time. Besides Zambia, Congo is also rich in copper resources. Copper reserve in Congo and Zambia is as high as 22 million tons, accounting for 83% of the total copper reserve in Africa. We are in charge of the slurry pump solution of a client's newly invested copper concentration project. With years of experience, our client is in the leading position in mining field. The solution has successfully lived up to the expected daily output is 1000 tons. So far, we have provided 35 pumps and spare parts for one year. Q=240.73m³/hH=36mSG=1.54 Q=40m³/hH=13mSG=1.53 Q=125m³/hH=13.5mSG=1.18 Q=20.22m³/hH=18mSG=1.31 Q=117m³/hH=14mSG=1.28 Solution Excellence engineers have come up with the optimal solution in light of parameters, efficiency and maintenance. After-Service In the consideration of coming project initiation date, we advanced our delivery date to spare enough time for client to arrange production schedule. In addition, Excellence engineer went to Africa to give installation guidance in accordance with contract. See the website for details. Sand Dredging Equipment website: website2:

Solid Fuel Low NOx Burner manufacturers Avatar
Solid Fuel Low NOx Burner manufacturers
Created by ajeons on Apr, 8 2020 with 1 Members

Introduction to low nitrogen burner for petroleum coke Petroleum coke low NOx burner is an industrial burner which uses petroleum coke as fuel and adopts low NOx technology. Low NOx burner or ultra low NOx burner refers to the burner with low NOx emission during fuel combustion. The use of low-NOx burner can reduce NOx during combustion. Using the world famous brand PLC, our low NOx combustion machine is a new generation of intelligent, energy-saving and environment-friendly products. Before dispatched from factory, each burner produced by jufeng technology has been 100% tested by the testing center, meeting the requirements of European EN267 and EN676 standards. Jufeng series burners have been adhering to the German tradition of exquisite standard. Since the products were put into the China domestic market, they have won the unanimous praise and trust of domestic users. To ensure our burner can follow up with the world’s forefront technology of combustion and emission, and to guarantee each of our burner in market has the world's leading technology, we, Jufeng thermal technology co., LTD., cooperating with many domestic colleagues and universities, establish the Jufeng burner test center, and control various serious of technical operating index and quality. For decades of years, the company has developed and produced various types of fuel oil and gas burners from 17KW to 70000KW, especially the company's current development of ultra low NOx burner, the NOx emissions can be as low as 30mg/m3, passes the China special equipment testing certification, meets the national standard. After-sales service 1.Sends technicians to the site to guide the installation, debugging and training of equipment operators 2.Service will be provided during holidays. 3.The company's products provide a one-year warranty, lifetime maintenance 4.Special configuration, special non-standard size can be customizedSolid Fuel Low NOx Burner manufacturers website:

Low Static Polyimide Tapes Free Sample Avatar
Low Static Polyimide Tapes Free Sample
Created by ajeons on Apr, 8 2020 with 1 Members

Our History ShangHai Zhenghuan Adhesive Products Co.Ltd. has focused on top quality weatherization products and tapes research,manufacture and sales for over 12 years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in Home Weatherization Products & powder coating masking industry in China. Today, ShangHai Zhenghuan Adhesive Products Co.Ltd has been one of the top producers of quality high temperature tapes and masking products, To help save energy,such as: window insulation kits, weatherization tapes, polyimide tapes, polyester tapes, glass cloth tape, double sided tapes, carpet tile stickers and felt tape. Our Factory ShangHai Zhenghuan Adhesive Products Co.Ltd. is located in the China international metro city-Shanghai, with registered trademark “HBOND” .As a global supplier in the window insulation kits and other weatherization products, Zhenghuan is to create added value for customers around the world. Our Product ShangHai Zhenghuan Adhesive Products Co.Ltd. Products includes the following: 1, window insulation kits 2, carpet tape 3, high temperature tapes 4, double sided tapes 5, felt tape 6, pre-taped masking film We supply adhesive products all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies. QC Department Our laboratory is mainly used to test the physical and chemical properties of products, and it is also the department to develop new products for physical property testing and formula design. The main equipment testing equipment are: tape stripping force electronic tension machine, initial viscosity tester, high temperature stick test instrument, viscosity tester, softening point test. These equipment for product quality control and product development to provide a strong help. Product Application Window insulation kits Stop drafts cold. When winter strikes, HBOND® Home Weatherization Products help you save money on costly energy bills. Easy to install, these products help keep your home warm in the winter . Carpet Tile stickers These carpet tile installation stickers create a floating floor by sticking to the four corners of each carpet tile (sticky side up). • Odor-free adhesive is ideal for installation in occupied offices. • Experienced installers achieve time savings of up to 30%. • Pre-installation floor prep is identical to conventional adhesive. High temperature tapes/discs High temperature tapes is essential for Powder coating masking,electrical insulation, cable terminations, auto wire harness and splicing in high-heat applications. This is because tape products that are not specifically designed for this purpose will rapidly lose adhesion, potentially resulting in hazardous conditions. At HBOND Tape, we are proud to offer these products in a variety of materials and grades, allowing the industrial and construction distributors we serve to provide their customers with the exact tape products they demand. Adhesive Noise Reduction Felt Tape/sheet Felt tape is widely used in automotive interior parts sound insulation shock absorbers, electrical and electronic products sound insulation flame retardant and other USES It prevents the noise from inside of car vibrations It is possible to make use of this anywhere and simple installation. It can be used for every kinds of wiring organization. (If you use for wiring organization, wiring doesn't generate noise anymore.) and it also prevent noise by friction. It shuts out the Interior material noise and noise from space. Pre-Taped masking Film Protective film with self-adhesive masking tape. Ideally suitable for protecting different surfaces. Features Two-in-one: protective film + self-adhesive masking tape Electrostatic; the film takes the form of the protected surfaces Embossing on the film prevent the paint from spreading For quick and easy solutions in protecting small and large surfaces in one go Quickly and easily removable Removable without residue within 5 days Our Certificate We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001:2018, ISO14001:2014 SGS MSDS RoHs guidelines and our stringent quality control system. Production Equipment Step 1: Adhesive Coating Line Workshop 4 coating line coating high temperature silicone pressure sensitive tape and special acrylic adhesive tape ;2 coating line professional coating hot melt adhesive products, their own rubber mixing. Step 2: Slitting and Rewinding We utilize a custom slitting converter on all tape products, accepting rolls up to 1240mm wide. Our high-speed slitters are designed to slit custom production quantities. Automatic Lathe slitters can do slitting action for critical tolerances capable of slitting films, papers, foils, pressure sensitive adhesives, silicone coated substrates, fabrics, and non-wovens. This equipment can produce roll width down to 2mm. Step 3: Packaging loading Production Market We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. ZhengHuan Sales managers can speak fluent English for good communication. Our main sales market: North America ,South America,Europe,Southeast Asia,Russia,etc. This is the export record of alibaba's Chinese suppliers in 2018 Our service We supply a variety of Slit Rolls and Die-Cut adhesive products to the retail industry. We offer many kinds of tapes from normal slit rolls to die-cutting shape. We provide OEM service. We can meet customer’s requirement from the custom size, custom shape to custom packing.Low Static Polyimide Tapes Free Sample website:

Customized Fan Cover For Cooling Package Avatar
Customized Fan Cover For Cooling Package
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Introduction An air guiding cover, comprising a wind deflector body and a wind ring, wherein one end of the air ring is fixed on the air guiding cover body by segment welding, and welding is formed at a joint between the air guiding cover body and the wind ring The segments and the gap segments are sealed with high temperature industrial silica gel. Advantages High-temperature industrial silica gel is very strong and resistant to high temperatures. It is difficult to remove after it has been condensed with aluminum. When used, it is applied with a professional silicone gun and the appearance is very good. When the slot section is sealed, when the fan is working, the slot section will not leak air, and no whistling will occur, thereby reducing noise and improving the overall effect of the cooling system. Why choose us? 1. Higher quality: We have a professional team with technical knowledge and management experience. Our company has always passed the professional quality system certification and advanced equipment, so that we can guarantee the best quality of our products. 2. Small profit: Our company's strength, heavy credit, abide by the contract, guarantee product quality, won the trust of all kinds of customers and the principle of low price. Welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to call or come to our company to negotiate and negotiate. 3. Best Service: Customer satisfaction is a priority for Huashang, and we are keen to solve any problems. We will answer all questions, help everyone in need, and respond to every prayer. ProcessCustomized Fan Cover For Cooling Package website:

low price 20L Bottle Manufacturing Process Machine Avatar
low price 20L Bottle Manufacturing Process Machine
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◆ Our History GUANGZHOU PETPLUS MACHINERY CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of blow moulding machines. Our factory has gathered experts with decades of experience in this area. ◆ Our Factory We not only keep researching of blow moulding machine technology, but also constantly exploring in blowing process and packaging solutions. We aim to provide more comprehensive services to customers. ◆ Our Product We PETPLUS company mainly manufactures blow moulding machines and can provide auxiliary equipment and suitable moulds, which can blow bottles with various specifications and designs. ◆ Product Application The products are widely used in various beverage bottles, edible oil bottles, cosmetic bottles, pharmaceutical packaging and plastic products industries. We can also design for customers according to their special requirements . ◆ Production Market We have customers in Southeast Asia, Africa, middle east, south America and many other regions. ◆ Our service Provide you the professional advice about the market, equipment, process, materials, packing, etc. Assist you to choose equipment, design process flow, and perfect workshop layout. If needed, we can supply service in your factory. Specially design and manufacture machine, practice test, and provide relevant training as customer required. Provide reasonable packing and transportation plan, send technician to install and debug machine and train your workers. One year guaranty time, preferentially supply spare parts.low price 20L Bottle Manufacturing Process Machine website:

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Buy EVA Exercise Mat
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Product Description EVA Exercise Mat QTM24009 EVA cross texture exercise mat is easy to clean with damp cloth. Interlocking feature and lightweight make it very simple to assemble together. ModelQTM24009 PatternPlain MaterialEVA FormamideBelow 200ppm Size24in x 24in Thickness10mm (±1mm) ColorsAqua Green; Yellow; Red; Blue TextureCross Texture PCS/SET8pcs/set AccessoriesBorders x 12pcs PackagingPacked by Shrink Wrap Our Advantages Supplying to Argos, Sainsbury's and Kamart. Formamide of EVA foam material below 200ppm. Using non-toxic and non-smell EVA foam material. Factory passed BSCI audit, products pass ASTM & EN71 test. Audit & Certificates Note: Please contact us if you need audit and certificates files for reference. Other Designs Exercise Mat Exercise Mat Wood Grain Puzzle Mat Exercise Mat Exercise Mat Exercise Mat 20mm Martial Arts Mat 25mm Martial Arts Mat 30mm Martial Arts Mat 40mm Martial Arts Mat Wood Grain Puzzle Mat Numbers Puzzle Mat Sea Puzzle Mat Mat Border Mat Border Our Customers Factory Sight FAQ 1. Can you make the color insert and put it in the package? - Yes, we can supply the color insert for you. 2. Can you stick label with barcode and stick on the packaging? - Yes, we can do that for you. 3. Can you arrange the shipment to Amazon warehouse? - Yes, please advise order quantity, Amazon address and warehouse code, then we can check the shipping cost for you. 4. What kind of big company you work with? - We supply EVA mat products to company like Argos, Tesco, and Kmart. 5. How can I contact you for product or order details? - You can either contact us via email, WhatsApp, Skype or WeChat. Detailed contact information please 'CONTACT US' page.Buy EVA Exercise Mat website:

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