4 December 2023
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Choosing the perfect watch face is crucial when personalizing your Apple Watch. It should align with your personal style, offer vital information at a glance, and deliver a visually appealing experience.

Apple doesn’t allow other companies to create watch faces for their watches, but they offer many of their own. In this article, we will explore the top Apple Watch faces 2023 that you should consider from a user perspective.

10 Best Apple Watch Faces 2023

Here are 10 Best Apple Watch Faces for 2023 with unique Features and unique design you will love it so try this. And enjoy your time with your family, friend, soul mate and what you want to do.

Infograph Face

The Infograph face is the most sought-after Apple Watch face, serving as a comprehensive information hub.

It’s highly customizable, allowing you to incorporate up to eight complications that offer quick access to essential data like weather updates, calendar events, location information, Apple Fitness metrics, and Apple Music controls.

This versatility caters to a broad user base. This works with Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, SE, and Ultra.


Lunar Face

From watchOS 9, the Lunar face is designed for those who appreciate cultural diversity and calendar systems.

Supporting three lunar calendars (Chinese, Hebrew, and Islamic), it’s perfect for those who wish to align with the lunar calendar alongside the Gregorian calendar.

Lunar Face

Customization options are somewhat limited, but you can adjust the second hand’s color and switch between analog and digital displays.

Wayfinder Face

Exclusively designed for the Apple Watch Ultra, the Wayfinder face is a treasure for explorers and nature lovers.

It gives important details like height, east-west position, and north-south position. The outer ring boasts a compass, making navigation a breeze.


With the ability to add up to eight complications and customize color schemes and dial designs, it’s tailored for outdoor enthusiasts.


Metropolitan, with its clean lines and practical layout, offers a classic watch face option. Four customizable complications adorn the corners, allowing users to personalize color schemes to match their outfits.


This face strikes a harmonious balance between utility and aesthetics, making it a great choice for both casual and formal settings.

Siri Face

The Siri face leverages artificial intelligence to deliver information cards akin to Smart Stacks. Siri selects the content of these cards based on Apple’s apps and select third-party watchOS apps.


While users can’t control the card content, Siri excels in predicting user needs based on factors such as time, location, and routines.

Nike Digital Face

The Nike Digital face is an excellent pick for fitness aficionados. It offers three complications tailored for fitness-related data, catering to users of the Nike Run Club app.

Nike Digital Face

The digital clock design is easy to read, making it perfect for workouts. It’s akin to having a personal fitness coach on your wrist.

Playtime Face

Playtime may seem designed for children, but its interactive features make it enjoyable for users of all ages. By rotating the digital crown, users can change the background and interact with character faces. While it lacks complications, it adds a playful and lighthearted touch to your Apple Watch experience.


Portraits Face

Portraits offer a unique and personal touch by using portrait photos from your iPhone to create a depth effect on your watch face. Users can choose from 24 portrait shots, and the watch displays a different photo each time it’s activated.

Portraits Face

This face offers various clock styles and allows the inclusion of two complications, making it a distinctive choice.

Liquid Metal, Fire/Water Faces

These watch faces, including Liquid Metal, Water, and Fire, feature visually captivating animations captured by Apple.

Users can opt for full-screen or circular display modes based on their preferences. These faces offer an artistic and visually engaging experience for Apple Watch users.

Liquid Metal F&W

Solar Face

The Solar watch face is interactive and dynamically displays the sun’s position at various times of the day. It offers four complications and allows users to track the sun’s path using the digital crown.


Additionally, it marks significant times like twilight, sunset, and dawn. It provides an interactive and informative experience, allowing users to engage with the sun’s journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to delete a watch face on your Apple Watch?

Simply press the digital crown to go to your watch face, touch and hold the display, swipe left or right to find the watch face you want to remove, swipe up and tap Remove.

How to Edit Your Apple Watch Face?

To edit your Apple Watch face, it’s easy! You can customize it directly on the watch or on your iPhone. Change the color themes, add your favorite complications, and more

Is there 3rd party Apple Watch faces?

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow third-party watch faces to be installed at this time

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