4 December 2023
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Knowing someone’s online location can be useful in specific situations. Hackers in movies use complex coding to find someone’s location, but most people don’t need that. Instead, you can send someone a link and get their IP address. This guide will talk about the best IP address grabbers and how to use them responsibly. Let’s answer some common questions about IP addresses and trackers first.

What’s an IP Address?

IP address is numbers separated by periods, like, with each number between 0-255. These addresses are assigned by organizations like IANA and ICANN, who ensure internet security and accessibility. When someone registers a domain, a small fee is paid to ICANN to finalize the process.

Why Are IP Addresses Necessary?

IP addresses are internet postal codes. IP addresses help devices like computers, phones, cameras, printers, and sensors talk to each other. Without IP addresses, we’d need CDs, DVDs, or USB drives to transfer data between devices.

What Are IP Grabbers?

IP grabbers are tools used to track users’ IP addresses, which can serve various purposes, including targeted advertising and user location identification. They’re commonly seen on social media, but can also be found on websites.

Let’s explore some of the IP address grabber tools available:

IP Logger

IP Logger functions as both an URL shortening service and an advanced analytics tool for tracking web traffic. You can use it to shorten URLs and monitor the traffic driven by those links.

It has extra features like the option to see recorded IP addresses and save the list of captured IPs. IP Logger also provides an URL checker to detect hidden redirects and retrieve server information and location.

Ip Logger

Grabify IP Logger

Grabify IP Logger is a free online tool that records IP addresses of users who click on custom links. It also displays user information like browser, OS, and ISP. It’s good for things like studying website traffic and marketing research, but it’s important to use it in a responsible and ethical way.

Grabihy IP Logger
Grabihy IP Logger


Bit.ly primarily serves as a URL shortening tool. However, with a premium subscription, it offers advanced analytics features.

Marketers find it valuable because it provides in-depth insights beyond just IP addresses. Bit.ly lets you export data and access real-time information, helping you make decisions based on data. Also, you should check Unlocking 1337x Proxy List 2023.


Blasze IP Logger

Blasze IP Logger is a straightforward IP tracking tool similar to Grabify, albeit with fewer features. It has limited customization options and device status checking. To improve privacy, you can connect it with external tools such as Bit.ly.

Keep in mind that the Blasze IP Logger website might experience disruptions due to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, so make sure to copy the access code for future use.

Blasze Ip Logger
Blasze Ip Logger

SpyLink is another option. Create a hidden link, share it with someone, and get their location and IP address when clicked. SpyLink also provides additional details such as Access Point Name (APN), proxy setup, browser name, cookie activation status, and more.



IP grabber tools come in various types, from simple online tools to complex network analysis and security testing tools, each offering different features and customization options.

Use tools responsibly and ethically, considering risks and legal consequences. Follow these guidelines to collect accurate data for your analytical needs.

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