4 December 2023
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Best Manga Sites 2023: Manga, the captivating world of Japanese comics and graphic novels, has a history spanning over a century, making it even older than its animated counterpart, anime. Today, manga enjoys global popularity, captivating readers of all ages and backgrounds.

If one is seeking a convenient means of accessing their preferred manga titles online, we have curated a catalogue of preeminent websites that provide complimentary manga reading alternatives, all while adhering to lawful and ethical protocols.

Best Manga Sites Read Free Manga Online 2023


  • Known for its high-quality anime and manga content, Crunchyroll also offers manga for readers.
  • You can enjoy a 14-day trial period to explore manga for free, after which a monthly subscription fee applies.
  • Crunchyroll’s website has a user-friendly interface with minimal ads, making your reading experience smoother.
  • Manga is accessible to a wider audience as it is published in 10 diverse languages.
  • Comic Walker by KadokawaKadokawa, a prominent manga publisher, launched Comic Walker to combat scanlations.

Manga Planet

  • Manga Planet is a legal site offering the latest manga releases with a substantial free library.
  • Users can log in via Google or Facebook for added convenience.
  • The website provides a schedule for upcoming manga chapters.
  • Currently, all content is available exclusively in English.
Manga Planet


  • Recently integrated with Amazon Kindle, Comixology offers access to the latest manga.
  • A complimentary 30-day trial grants unrestricted access to manga reading, followed by the option to subscribe.
  • The platform features over 2,400 manga titles from various publishers.
  • You can access your manga library on multiple devices via a browser or Kindle app.


  • This is a popular manga website offering not only manga but also webtoons and comics.
  • Upon signing up, you receive 2500 coins to spend on reading.
  • Chapters can be rented using these coins, and you can explore titles by studio, genre, or popularity.
  • Inkr provides recommendations based on your reading preferences, helping you discover new titles.

Book Walker

  • Book Walker Owned by Kadokawa, Book Walker has evolved into a digital manga store.
  • While there is more paid content, they offer free manga titles every month.
  • You can make permanent purchases to build your manga collection and read from their website or mobile app.
Book Walker

Manga Plus

  • By Shueisha Inc.Originating from Japan, Manga Plus offers a wide range of manga titles for free online reading.
  • The built-in reader allows you to adjust the resolution to save data and offers both vertical and horizontal reading options.
  • Manga Plus primarily provides manga series in English, with additional support for Spanish and Portuguese readers.
  • It’s accessible worldwide, except in China, South Korea, and Japan, where Shueisha has its dedicated app.
Manga Plus


  • Comico, owned by NHK Japan, allows readers to access many manga chapters in Japanese for free.
  • While some manga are available for rent, others can be enjoyed without charge.
  • Creating an account, preferably using a social media login, lets you save favorites and participate in discussions.
  • Note that Comico is primarily in Japanese, so Google Chrome’s translation feature can be helpful.

Comic Walker

  • Comic Walker allows free manga reading without the need for an account or subscription.
  • You can easily search for your preferred manga by title or artist and navigate pages seamlessly.
  • It even remembers your progress, even without requiring a login.
Comic Walker


  • Webtoons revolutionize manga creation by allowing anyone worldwide to contribute.
  • Readers can enjoy thousands of user-created manga for free, some spanning over 500 chapters.
  • Vertical scrolling makes for an easy reading experience, and you can bookmark chapters for later.

Shonen Jump

  • Shonen Jump offers access to over 10,000 chapters from various manga titles.
  • The initial three chapters of any manga are complimentary, while further chapters can be accessed via subscription.
  • Popular titles like Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, and Haikyu! are part of the extensive collection.
  • Weekly updates keep you in sync with the latest manga releases.
Shonen Jump


These websites provide fantastic opportunities to read manga online for free, with some offering premium plans for additional benefits. These platforms cater to both experienced manga enthusiasts and newcomers, offering something for all. Enjoy your manga reading experience!


What is the largest manga site?

Comixology, which is part of Amazon Kindle, is one of the largest manga sites.

Is it legal to read manga online?

Most free manga sites are illegal. To check if a site is legal, make sure they have a license to provide the manga.

Which manga website is the safest?

MangaPlus is a safe site to read manga online

Where can I read manga without ads online?

You can read manga without ads on sites like Crunchyroll, mangaOwl, and Book Walker

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