4 December 2023
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In recent years, content streaming services have completely eclipsed movie torrent sites. Furthermore, authorities have enacted stringent laws resulting in the blocking of hundreds of free torrent websites. Fortunately, there are still dependable torrent websites available to aid users in utilizing P2P torrenting technology for downloading movies.

In this article, we will share the top 10 movie torrent sites that continue to operate smoothly in 2023.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that this article is intended for educational purposes exclusively and should not be utilized, as it may be illegal and forbidden in numerous countries. Techmine.info assumes no responsibility for any potential consequences.

10 Best Movie Torrent Sites

The Pirate Bayhttps://thepiratebay.org
Kickass Torrentshttps://katcr.to

Please be aware that torrenting copyrighted material without permission may be illegal in many countries and can have legal consequences. Use these websites responsibly and consider the laws and regulations in your region.

The Pirate Bay

The top one on our list is The Pirate Bay, commonly known as TPB. This prominent torrent platform utilizes peer-to-peer file-sharing and features a user-friendly interface.

The Pirate Bay is a top movie torrent site with a vast index of torrents. Users can download movies of various genres from The Pirate Bay without worrying about suspicious files.

Finding, downloading, and sharing magnet links and torrent files on Pirate Bay is effortless. TPB also displays upload date and file size for movie torrents. Additionally, details such as language, release year, and video format are usually included in the torrent file title.

If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has restricted access to The Pirate Bay, you need not be concerned. We have assembled a selection of the finest Pirate Bay alternatives and pirate proxies to assist you in bypassing TPB’s restrictions.

Best Torrent Site For Movies


YTS, also known as Yify Movies, is a reliable and feature-rich website for downloading movie torrents. Unlike other torrent sites, YTS exclusively hosts movies in Full HD.

YTS categorizes its content effectively, making it easy to find the latest releases. YTS is a website for movie lovers, offering 4K and 3D movies with reviews and comments. Bookmark it!

Torrent files and magnet links are readily available for downloading movies, and many listings also include downloadable subtitles in zip files, which can be accessed from the Yify subtitles site.

For those seeking alternatives, we’ve compiled a list of the best YTS Yify proxies.



1337X, founded in 2007, provides countless magnet links and torrent files for sharing files directly between users. The website gained prominence after the shutdown of Kickass Torrents.

1337X provides a broad selection of content, covering both popular and independent movies, anime, music, TV series, games, and software. It offers fast download speeds and provides on-page torrent information to assist users in selecting the right content.

The official 1337X mirrors include 1337x.to, 1337xx.to, 1337x.tw, and 1337x.gd.



EZTV, founded in 2005, remains an active movie torrent site, making it one of the oldest in 2022. While its user interface may initially seem dated, it has indeed undergone updates over the years.

EZTV offers a vast collection of high-quality torrents, and its content library is extensive. EZTV remains a top movie torrenting site, despite being blocked in numerous countries.
For those looking for alternatives, we’ve compiled a list of the best EZTV proxies and mirror sites.


I Dope

iDope is another dependable website for downloading and streaming the latest movies online. This movie torrenting website boasts a vast directory of torrents.

The easy-to-use interface makes it simple to navigate. Movies and TV shows have thumbnails and previews for downloads.

With a decent internet connection, users can expect reasonable download speeds. If iDope is inaccessible, consider exploring iDope alternatives and proxies.

Dope Site


Next up is LimeTorrents, a big site for downloading movies using torrents. LimeTorrents offers excellent seeder-to-leecher ratios, resulting in download speeds ranging from 3 to 5 MB/s.

Thanks to its 20 million monthly visitors, LimeTorrents’ extensive content library continues to grow rapidly, making it easy to find the latest releases.

Before downloading torrents, users can check file size, seeder-to-leecher ratios, date added, and file health.

Lime Torrent


Torrentz2 is a trustworthy search engine for finding movies. It is like the new version of the old Torrentz site that closed down in 2016. When it started, it had 60 million torrent files.

People who love movies and music use Torrentz2.

The download speed is usually between 1 MB/s and 3 MB/s. You can easily find torrents for movies, TV shows, music, apps, and games.

Torrentz site

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is a well-known name in the torrenting community. The old website is gone, but people still like the new KickAss Torrents.

Run by ex-Kickass Torrent staff, this site offers a wide range of downloadable content like anime, movies, music, TV shows, games, and software. If you can’t access Kickass Torrents, try https://kickasstorrents.pw. It’s been around for a while.

But if it’s still not working, we’ve got a list of other sites you can use instead. These are the best alternatives and proxy sites that actually work.



GloTorrents is a website that helps people find movie torrents. It has been around for almost 10 years.
GloTorrents stands out with its incredibly fast search functionality. Users can get torrents from search results using magnet links or torrent files.

The site lets users sort movie torrents in 14+ languages and choose dubbed or dual audio movies. Additionally, several leading verified uploaders for movies simplify the download process.

The torrents page listing provides a list of backup trackers that users can add to maximize download speeds. GloTorrents also features an active forum where users can request torrents, subtitles, and more.

GloTorrents Site


Last on our list is Torlock, an outstanding Utorrent movie torrent site that offers a wide range of movies.

Similar to Limetorrents, Torlock exclusively lists verified torrents, eliminating potentially harmful and time-wasting files. Torlock’s website is user-friendly, allowing easy access to content.

It has sections for movies, TV shows, anime, software, and more. The homepage lists the top 100 torrents, helpful for downloading new movies.

Nonetheless, it’s important to emphasize that the website includes intrusive advertisements and pop-up notifications.

We trust that this compilation of the top 10 movie torrent websites in 2023 will assist you in discovering the movies you seek.Happy torrenting!

Torlock Site

These are the most recent movie torrents that have been searched for and downloaded this month

  1. Avatar: The Way of Water
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
  3. John Wick: Chapter 4
  4. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
  5. Fast X
  6. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
  7. Oppenheimer
  8. Meg 2: The Trench
  9. The Flash
  10. Blue Beetle
  11. Elemental
  12. Retribution
  13. Talk to Me
  14. Barbie

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