4 December 2023
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The PlayStation 2, affectionately known as the PS2, remains an iconic and influential gaming console. Sony’s triumph in the home video game console market was firmly established through this platform.

Thirteen years post-launch, the PS2 was retired, leaving behind a legacy of remarkable games that continue to enthrall gamers.

While fortunate PlayStation owners can indulge in these classics, there’s an avenue for iOS users to savor the same nostalgia through PS2 emulators. This article unveils the finest PS2 emulators for iOS, providing an engaging journey into the world of classic gaming.

5 Best PS2 Emulators for iOS 2023

If you want to play your nostalgia games like God War-1,2 , God Hand, Tekken 5 and Most played PS2 game ever GTA San Andreas. But you don’t have a PS2 but you have iphone so that’s why our techmine.info team create list to suggest you 5 Best PS2 Emulators for iOS select one emu and enjoy your nostalgia game.


Among the roster of iOS PS2 emulators, Play! emerges as a versatile choice. Supporting multiple file formats, including CHD, CUE, ELF, MDS, ISO, and ISZ, Play! allows users to relive the gaming magic on their iOS devices.

A sideloaded app, Play! simplifies the organization of game files, categorizing them into Recent, Homebrew, and Unsorted lists. Before starting your gaming quest, a visit to the Settings menu is advisable for optimizing performance.

Play !

The pivotal element of Play! is its extensive compatibility list, encompassing around 950 “playable” titles, including cherished games like Disgaea and Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

It’s imperative to check the compatibility list; games not labeled “playable” may encounter glitches or crashes during gameplay.


As the first PS2 emulator for iOS, RetroArch stands as a versatile and influential player in the emulator arena. It extends its support beyond PS2, embracing various other consoles, delivering a holistic gaming experience on your iPhone or iPad.

This emulator provides a customizable gaming journey, allowing you to tailor your experience. To Start on your PS2 gaming voyage via RetroArch, load a supported ROM alongside the official BIOS. Unlock the Nostalgia: Discover the Free Best PS2 Emulator for PC.


Once you’ve transferred game files to your iOS device, RetroArch’s automated scanning feature streamlines the process.

Moreover, the emulator embraces PS2 multiplayer through Netplay, facilitating gaming sessions with friends or even strangers. Content creators and streamers will find value in RetroArch’s integrated streaming feature, simplifying live broadcasts on platforms like YouTube or Twitch.


PPSSPP has etched its reputation as a preferred emulator for iOS users. Developed in 2012, it caters to both iOS and Android platforms.


A notable feature is that PPSSPP doesn’t necessitate jailbreaking your iPhone, making it accessible to a wider audience. Offering smooth gameplay with high-resolution graphics, it remains compatible with iOS 12 and 13.


Play! also offers an online version developed in JavaScript, akin to RetroArch. Inspired by its computer and mobile counterparts, PlayJs is designed for user-friendliness. A BIOS is required to run games on PlayJs, while game files can take various formats like ISO, CSO, CHD, ISZ, BIN, or ELF.

Play ! Js

To optimize your gaming experience, Chrome or Firefox is recommended. PlayJs features experimental onboard controls, although users may occasionally rely on the keyboard. Reviews of external controller support have been mixed.


NewGamePad is a hidden gem among PS2 emulators for iOS. In addition to PS2 emulation, it extends support to multiple consoles, encompassing SNES, Gameboy, GBC, and MAME. The default interface may be in Chinese, but the game titles conveniently appear in English.

New Gamepad

Users have the flexibility to categorize games by genre and mark favorites for easy access. With a default skin resembling a handheld console, complete with prominent red buttons as controllers, NewGamePad delivers a unique gaming experience. Notably, you can adjust the game speed, catering to the needs of speedrunners.


These emulators offer iOS users a gateway to relive the charm of PS2 gaming. Keep in mind that these apps require sideloading, as they are not available on the Apple App Store.

Additionally, stay updated with Play compatibility list, as it continues to expand, promising more gaming adventures. Now, immerse yourself in the nostalgia and excitement of playing iconic games on your iOS device!

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