4 December 2023
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I know you’re still using Windows 7 and you want to make your desktop look new, you’re in the right place. In this article, we have top 8 best collected great themes, skins, and backgrounds to make your Windows 7 PC or laptop more attractive.

Even though Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7 since January 2020, there are still over 100 million users worldwide. I am here to help you to make your desktop or laptop amazing & cool.

But, please be careful when downloading and installing themes from outside sources to keep your system safe and secure.

Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7. Always use trusted sources and consider creating backups before making extensive changes to your desktop environment.

Movie-Inspired Themes for Windows 7

Transformers Theme

The Transformers Theme is a top pick for 2023. It offers more than 20 HD wallpapers, custom icons, and movie sounds and dialogues that will give your desktop a complete transformation. It even replaces those dull icons with creative ones and includes sounds from the Transformers movies.

Transformers Theme

Spiderman Theme

If you are a big Spiderman fan than you must try these theme, this Windows 7 theme is perfect for you. With 35 high-quality wallpapers and custom icons, it provides a full Spiderman experience for your desktop. The game has sounds and dialogues from Spiderman movies to make you feel like you are in his world. Experience the thrilling potential of gaming with the mind-blowing Free PS2 Emulator for PC, available absolutely free!

Spider Man Theme

Anime-Inspired Themes for Windows 7

Naruto-Akatsuki Pain Arc

For anime lovers, the Naruto theme is a must-have. With 45 HD wallpapers and custom sounds, it lets you relive the moments from the show. It transforms your desktop with Naruto-themed icons and cursors, making it a true treat for Naruto fans.

Pain Arc Theme

Death Note

If you’re a fan of the famous Death Note series, this theme brings that thrilling experience to your Windows 7 PC. While it doesn’t have many changes, it does offer a Mac-like taskbar, and the HD wallpapers feature characters from the anime.

Death Notes Theme

One-Punch Man

Another anime sensation, One-Punch Man, gets its theme for Windows 7. It features numerous HD wallpapers, custom cursors, and icons inspired by the show. This theme takes you into the One-Punch Man world whenever you use your computer.

One Punch Man Theme

Themes for Windows 7

Dark Neon Theme

If you love neon colors, the Dark Neon Skin Pack is a cool choice. It transforms your Windows 7 theme into a neon one, changes icons, and even includes utilities like Rocket Dock and Shadow for a dark interface. It works in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7.

Dark Neon Theme


For those who prefer a sleek, dark look without straying too far from the original Windows 7 style, Viewlix is perfect. It adds a black shade to your taskbar, folder backgrounds, and some Microsoft apps while keeping your icons intact. This theme maintains the familiar Windows 7 feel with a touch of black elegance.


Universe Theme

The Universe theme takes you on a cosmic journey with stunning screen backgrounds. You can see how it looks before downloading by previewing it.

Universe Theme


These themes, skins, and backgrounds can breathe new life into your Windows 7 desktop. Despite Windows 7’s age, you can still make it visually appealing and enjoy a personalized experience. Download the one that suits your style and give your PC a fresh, customized look. Enjoy the transformation!

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