4 December 2023
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Microsoft Office 2019 is a widely recognized office suite known for its versatility in work, business, home, and educational settings.

This guide will elucidate the procedures for downloading and installing Microsoft Office 2019 on your Windows PC.

We will also discuss the advantages of obtaining a genuine copy from Microsoft.

Download Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 is a robust office suite that was released in 2018. This software is compatible with Windows 10 version 1809 onwards and Mac Mojave onwards.

Download Microsoft Word 2019 (32/64-bit)

Microsoft Word is a vital part of Office 2019. To obtain Microsoft Word 2019, it is possible to access it directly from third-party sources such as archive.org.

  1. Download 32 Bit Microsoft Office For Free
  2. Download 64 Bit Microsoft Office For Free

Caution is advised when downloading from such sites to mitigate potential security hazards.

Purchase Microsoft Office 2019

It is recommended to purchase an authentic copy of Microsoft Office 2019 to ensure you receive the genuine product key, priority support, timely updates, and protection against viruses and malware.

Microsoft has also introduced Microsoft 365, a subscription-based service, which includes Office applications, 1 TB OneDrive cloud storage per user, Office365 online suite, and early access to new features.

To purchase Microsoft Office 2019, visit the official Microsoft website or authorized retailers.

Microsoft Office 2019

To download it

1. Initially, kindly proceed with the removal of any preceding editions of Office from your system.

2. Download the Office 2019 files from the provided link.

3. Please extract the files contained within the compressed zip folder.

4. Please adhere to the on-screen instructions for the installation of Office 2019 on your personal computer.

System Requirements

  • Prior to the installation of Office 2019, it is imperative to verify that your computer satisfies the system prerequisites.
  • The required operating system is either Windows 10 1809 or later, or Windows 11.
  • The recommended processor for optimal performance is a dual-core 1.6 GHz processor.
  • The minimum required RAM for 32-bit is 2 GB, while for 64-bit it is 4 GB.
  • DirectX 9 or subsequent versions are required.
  • The required amount of storage for disk space is a minimum of 4 GB.

Features of Office 2019

Office 2019 presents an array of enhanced features, rendering it a formidable instrument for productivity.

  • The In-House Translator effectively overcomes language barriers by integrating an advanced translation tool within Office.
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Support: Add visual appeal to your documents with SVG support.
  • Ink Pen Support: Draw and convert ink pen drawings into objects.
  • Mathematical Equation Support: Write complex mathematical equations and let Office convert them into computerized fonts.
  • New Library of Charts: Access a wide range of charts with real-time previews.
  • Accessibility Improvements: Office 2019 is designed to be more accessible, with improved sound cues and effects.
  • Excel Enhancements: Excel introduces new functions like TEXTJOIN, CONCAT, and IFS.
  • Transitions with Morph: Create smoother transitions in presentations with the Morph feature.


Microsoft Office 2019 is a multifaceted office suite that accommodates diverse user requirements. This tool can boost productivity for students, professionals, and home users.

Remember to follow the official channels for downloading or purchasing Office to ensure a secure and reliable experience. Enjoy the enhanced features and improved functionality offered by Microsoft Office 2019 for your Windows PC.


Is it possible to download Office 2019 for free?

While it is possible to download Office 2019 for free, a license key or Microsoft 365 subscription is required for its usage.

Is MS Office 2019 still obtainable?

Yes, MS Office 2019 for both Windows and Mac is still available for purchase by both consumer and commercial users as a one-time payment.

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