4 December 2023
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Netflix, the adored streaming service, grants users the power to craft five unique profiles within one account. Each profile can have its unique preferences, including a custom profile picture.

While Netflix doesn’t officially provide an option to set your own profile picture, you can achieve this using a handy Chrome extension called “Custom Profile Picture for Netflix.”

Join me to customize your Netflix profile picture in just simple steps!

Using Chrome extension “Custom Profile Picture for Netflix”

1. Get Started: Use Google Chrome to download the “Custom Profile Picture for Netflix” extension from this link.

Add Chrome

2. Access Netflix: Go to Netflix.com and sign in to your account.
3. Extension Activation: Look for the extension icon in the Chrome toolbar once you’re on the Netflix Profiles page.
4. Click and select “Custom Profile Picture for Netflix” extension.
5. Select Your Profile: Pick the Netflix profile you wish to customize with your own image.

Custom Profile

6. Upload Your Image: Choose your profile picture, upload it, and click save to set it as your profile image.
7. Refresh Netflix: Reload the Netflix page, and voilà, your custom profile picture will be proudly displayed.

Pro Tip: You can set a GIF as your Netflix profile picture by following this method if you’re creative.

How to set a profile picture on Netflix using both the mobile & web platforms.

To use Netflix avatars, follow these simple steps: choose an avatar from the options provided.

For Web Browsers:

  • Login: Open browser, visit Netflix site, sign in to your account.
  • Profile Management: Netflix homepage shows your account’s profiles. Click on “Manage Profile.”
  • To manage your Netflix profile, click the drop-down icon on your profile and select “Manage Profile.”
Manage Profile
  • Pick Your Profile: Select the profile you want to personalize.
  • Edit Profile Picture: Click on the pencil icon overlaid on the current profile picture.
  • Click here to access Netflix’s avatar library.
Edit Pofile
  • Choose Your Avatar: Browse through the options and select a new picture that resonates with you.
Change Profile Icon
  • Save Your Choice: Click “Let’s do it” and finalize by clicking “Save.”

For Phones (Android & iPhone):

  • App Launch: Open Netflix on your phone or tablet to start watching your favorite shows and movies.
  • Edit Profiles: When you see the “Who’s Watching?” Click “Edit” on the page.
  • Choose the profile you wish to modify the picture of.
  • Edit Profile Picture: Click on current profile picture on Edit Profile page.
Edit Profile In Phone
  • Choose New Avatar: Browse and pick the avatar you prefer, then tap “Save” at the top-right corner.

These methods are perfect for personalizing your Netflix profile with the avatars Netflix offers. However, if you’re eager to showcase your unique style with a custom profile picture, don’t forget to explore the “Custom Profile Picture for Netflix” Chrome extension mentioned earlier in this article.

Happy customizing, and enjoy your Netflix experience!


How Many Netflix Profiles Can I Create?

You can create up to five separate profiles on your Netflix account. Each profile can have its own unique name and profile picture to help users identify their profile.

How Do I Change My Netflix Profile Picture on My Smart TV?

1. Changing your Netflix profile picture on a Smart TV is easy:Go to the Netflix home screen on your Smart TV.
2. Use the remote control to navigate to the Netflix menu by pressing the left arrow button.
3. Navigate to your profile menu by pressing the up arrow button when your profile is highlighted and then press the confirm button.
4. Select the profile you want to change the picture for by using the arrow buttons.
5. Then, highlight the pencil icon by pressing the down arrow button and confirm to edit the profile.
7. On the Edit Profile screen, select “Icon” by pressing the down arrow button and confirm.
8. Choose the picture you want from the available avatars using the arrow buttons and confirm your choice.
9. Finally, confirm again to authorize the change.

Can I Use My Own Picture as a Netflix Profile Picture?

No, you can’t directly use your own picture as your Netflix profile picture. Netflix only allows you to choose from avatars in their library, which are mostly images of actors. However, you can use a browser extension called “Custom profile photo for Netflix” to set your own picture as your profile image

Can I Set Up a Custom Netflix Profile Picture on My Smartphone?

No, currently, you can’t set a custom Netflix profile picture using your smartphone, whether it’s an Android or iPhone. You can only select profile pictures from Netflix’s library of avatars

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