4 December 2023
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Korean dramas have taken the global entertainment arena by storm, captivating millions of avid fans and continually drawing in new enthusiasts through enthusiastic recommendations. This makes them not only an engaging form of entertainment but also an educational exploration of diverse cultures.

Whether you’re a die-hard K-drama fan or just starting to explore this amazing genre, we’ve got you covered with a list of fantastic Korean drama apps.

These platforms offer a variety of K-drama shows, allowing you to easily dive into the fascinating world of Korean entertainment. Many of these apps offer the option to watch Korean content for free, supported by intermittent advertisements.

They also offer special plans that let you access more content and extra features if you pay for a premium subscription. These apps work on many different devices, like phones, TVs, tablets, and computers.

Best Korean Drama Apps

You are so much Kdrama fan that’s why you are on our article and that’s why we helping to provide you Top 7 Best Korean Drama Apps to watch KDrama in 2023. Never stop your entertainment!!


Netflix is a great place to watch Korean dramas. They have a lot of them, so fans really like it. A simple search for “Korean Drama” yields a comprehensive list of top-quality dramas, thanks to the implementation of AI algorithms.


From charming romantic comedies with thrilling plot twists to captivating historical dramas, Netflix offers a diverse range of K-dramas, solidifying its reputation as the premier platform for Asian drama enthusiasts.

Viki Rakuten

Viki has emerged as the go-to app for watching K-drama shows, providing access to a library of over 100 Korean shows and trending shows from across Asia, including Chinese and Taiwanese dramas.

Viki also offers teasers and trailers for upcoming Korean dramas and other shows, making it an indispensable tool for more than 10 million users.


You can easily download the Viki app from the Play Store or App Store. This app allows viewers to create their own customized playlists of K-dramas.


For viewers in Asia, the Middle East, or South Africa, Viu is a popular streaming platform well worth exploring. One standout feature of Viu is its rapid updates of Korean dramas.

Some episodes become available as soon as four hours after their live broadcast, complete with subtitles in English and several other languages, including Chinese and Indonesian.


Viu’s partnerships with major Korean broadcasters ensure a diverse selection of popular Korean shows, including those featuring top-tier celebrities like IU and Lee Min-ho. Start on a Korean Drama Adventure with Best KDrama Sites for 2023.


For those seeking a unified platform for live streaming Korean dramas, KORTV is an excellent choice. It offers an extensive selection of K-dramas, HD movies, programs, and shows, with the option to stream live broadcasts from leading Korean TV channels.


One exceptional feature of this app is its capability to download shows for later viewing, along with the convenience of a viewership history tracker.

This tracker simplifies the process of locating previously watched videos and adding shows to a “watch later” folder.


OnDemandKorea stands out as one of the finest apps for enjoying Korean dramas and other Asian series without cost. The app can be used on Android and iOS devices, making it convenient to download from Google Play and Apple App Stores.

OnDemandKorea features the latest Korean dramas as well as an extensive collection of classic titles. All content is updated promptly after its initial broadcast, guaranteeing access to the most recent episodes of preferred dramas.


The app caters to both English and Korean-speaking users, allowing for language settings adjustments. Most of the content is free, but there are also some paid options for premium content and select pay-per-view.


Tubi offers a significant collection of Korean shows, encompassing over 50,000 titles. It enables viewers to watch K-drama shows without cost, with revenue generated through occasional advertisements.

This approach ensures viewers can enjoy K-drama content legally and without concerns about breaking the law.


Tubi features a user-friendly interface, streamlining the process of locating desired shows. Additionally, English subtitles are readily available for enhanced accessibility.


iQIYI offers free access to a wide spectrum of shows, with the option to subscribe to a VIP membership for uninterrupted, high-definition content devoid of advertisements.

The platform has a substantial catalog of original Korean content, enriching the viewer’s experience with exclusive offerings. Additionally, iQIYI has entered into a partnership agreement with Netflix, further enhancing its content library.


The video player has words on the screen in six different languages, so anyone from anywhere can watch it. iQIYI’s accessibility spans most of South Asia, excluding China and Hong Kong.


We have made a list of the best free apps for watching Korean dramas with English subtitles. Whether you’re a big fan of K-dramas or just starting to discover this fascinating genre, these apps provide a wide range of choices to enjoy cultural exploration and entertainment.

Initiate your K-drama journey and relish the shows without the hindrance of language barriers. Alternatively, seize the opportunity to learn a new language while enjoying these engaging narratives.

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